A new Le Petit Chef Show is back in Riyadh:

Le Petit Chef & Friends

A new Le Petit Chef Show is back in Riyadh:

Le Petit Chef & Friends

 Le Meridien Riyadh


A unique 3D mapped culinary journey of Le Petit Chef and his friends from Spain, Italy and Japan.

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Le Petit Chef Around the world

Le Meridien Riyadh and Le Petit Chef invite you to a brand new immersive culinary journey. Using cutting-edge 3D Mapping Technology, diners will be able to follow the smallest chef in the world on his culinary adventures with his friends. The show is complemented with themed music, and an exquisite four-course menu. Guests can choose between two different menus: Classic and Premium. A Kids menu is also available.

We kindly ask you to arrive at least 10 minutes before the show. Late comers can only be allowed in at an appropriate time between the dishes.

'Le Petit Chef' is a cooperation between Le Meridien Riyadh and 2Spicy Entertainment.

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