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Brasserie De Roode Leeuw invites you to the contest for the golden chef's hat. The world's smallest chefs from Spain, Italy, Japan and of course, Le Petit Chef from France will be there. Which of the four miniature chefs will win?! 

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Le Petit Chef - the smallest chef in the world - presents a sophisticated 3D cinema directly on your plate, combined with excellent gastronomy. Before, during and after the meal, the little chef entertains you with various performances and recordings. When the food is on the table, the show moves into the background and the curtain goes up for international delicacies. The dinner theater inspires whole families all over the world.

Choose from three different menus ( Classic / Vegetarian / Kids ). Please note that the videos are the same for all three menus, which are based on the Le Petit Chef & Friends menu.

"Le Petit Chef" in Amsterdam is a cooperation between Brasserie De Roode Leeuw and 2Spicy Entertainment GmbH

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Le Petit Chef is just 6 cm tall, and he will not grow any bigger. According to legend, he was born in April 2015 in Marseille, France. Enjoy an unforgettable experience with delightful dining and entertainment. By using a profound artistic knowledge, and combining it with the latest technology, his "parents" - the art directors of Skullmapping - tell stories with stunning bespoke visuals, such as “Le Petit Chef”. The technology they use is called 3D Projection Mapping. We promise, it will capture your imagination :)

Le Petit Chef

The show is paired with themed music, props, and an exquisite menu. A miniature chef to life on your dinner table, all through the magic of visual mapping. By mapping your dining table and the objects on it (e.g. your plates and cutlery), we are able to project a virtual story onto the tabletop. The 3D effect is often thought of as a hologram or a 3D projection. In fact the use of special optical techniques, length distortions from the right angle to produce the effect or illusion of 3D.

To ensure that all guests enjoy this unique dining experience, we would like to ask that all members of your party are present at least 30 minutes prior to your booking. Latecomers will be allowed into the room at an appropriate interval. Late comers might not be served all courses of the menu.

Refund Policy

After payment, the deposit and purchase price of any 'Le Petit Chef' menus and related add-ons cannot be refunded. However, diners can modify their booking dates up to 48 hours before the original booking date by contacting
lepetitchef@hotelamsterdam.nl or calling (+31) 20 555 0 666.

Brasserie De Roode Leeuw
Damrak 93-94 
1012 LP Amsterdam
(+31) 20 555 0 666

How long is each seating?
Each seating is between 1 1/2 and 2 hours.

Do you offer a vegan / gluten free / dairy free / vegetarian?
Yes with notice at time of booking.

What are the terms for cancellations?
After payment, the deposit and purchase price for 'Le Petit Chef' menus and related add-ons cannot be refunded. However, diners can modify their booking dates up to 48 hours before the original reservation by contacting lepetitchef@hotelamsterdam.nl

Is the restaurant wheelchair accessible?
Our restaurant is wheelchair accessible.

Is parking available? If yes, which is the cost?
We don’t have our own parking but there are many in the surroundings of our location.

Is there a dress code?
We have no dress code.


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